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ompany Kekston is Russian private limited liability company,
holder of the mining license TUL 00630 for salt (sodium chlorum, NaCl)
in russian city Novomoskovsk district Tula region (180 km from Moscow)
part of the biggest salt deposit in European part of Russia discovered in 1962.
License was acquired and fully paid in the governmental tender in 2016.

Main specifications:
License square: 112Ha
Proved reserves: 96 000 000 tons salt (governmental estimate)
Depth of cover: 900 meters Formation thickness: 40 meters

Mining license TUL 00630 for salt.

Novomoskovsk salt deposit is the largest by approved reserves
of rock salt in the Central and North-Western Federal districts
of the Russian Federation.

Novomoskovsk salt deposit in map Russian Federation.

Novomoskovsk field of rock salt it is developed since 1962.
On the field there are over 30 fulfilled salt wells.
Each well provides 220-500 thousand tons of salt in the
form of a brine 26% NaCl.

Map of the field (green-our site, red-the site of LLC "Novomoskovskiy chlorine")

The company implements a range of investment projects:

1. Evaporated salt plant based on MVR technology
(extracting salt from the brine).
The annual capacity of the first stage of the plant will be 200 000 tons
of salt per year with the annual capacity after the launch of the
second stage of the plant up to 400 000 tons of salt per year.
The products will be supplied to the domestic market.
Note: in Russia 40% of all food salt and
75% of food evaporated salt is imported from abroad.

Market salt in Russia
Market salt in Russia and in USA.

Salt plant in map
A map of the location of factories and the site of production of brine.

2. The caustic soda plant based on membrane technology (from the brine).
The annual capacity of the plant will be 36,000 tons (100%) of caustic soda.
Co-products of the plant are:
hydrochloric acid 32%, sodium hypochlorite, calcium chloride.
It is planned to supply caustic soda for export.

Company office address:

301653, Russia, Tula region, city Novomoscovsk, 

Komsomolskoye highway, house 72, office 40.

Company offices are also located in city Moscow and in city Orenburg.

Tel of offices of the company in Russia:

+7-495-7875820 (city Moscow)

+7-3532-450990 (city Orenburg).